Brave Dog Fights To The Death To Prevent 4 Snakes From Entering The Owner’s House

Describe your affection for your family. Four cobras that threatened the family of his owner, Dibakar Raita, were killed by a doberman that refused to give up in a struggle to the death. The family, who reside 400 kilometers from Bhubaneswar in the village of Sebekapur in the Gajapati district, is still in disbelief.

“I’m in awe. He gave up everything to protect my family and I.Dibakar, who was visibly moved, prayed to God, saying, “I will remember him till the day we die,” and adding, “May his soul rest in peace.”

The snakes have been identified as mountains cobras. Particularly during the monsoon season when the rains fill their nests with water, a variety of reptile species have been seen in the region.

On Monday night, the Doberman who was guarding the front gate stopped the four snakes from trying to get inside. The snakes sought to ascend to higher ground, but the dog attacked them. According to reports, the conflict lasted for a very long period and left a huge amount of destruction.

The dog maintained an eye on the human family until the four snakes were dispatched. The blood of the snakes was so lethal that the dog quickly passed out.

The neighbors planned a funeral procession and placed flower wreaths on them before the dog’s ashes were buried.

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